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Supply you with the tools to inspire and motivate you to achieve your health, fitness and wealth goals in life and work.
Motivate you to achieve your health, fitness and wealth goals in life and work.
How To Form The Daily Habits That Guarantee Success In Both Your Life And Business
By Steve Agyei
I am here to make sure you do what you need to do to achieve your goals
I am here to make sure you do what you need to do to achieve your goals

Good Morning,

It's time for this week's Monday Motivational Beyond Lifestyle Secrets Newsletter
"Dancing's part of my soul. I enjoy it. It makes people happy, and it
makes me happy."

- Brian Tracy
I have just woken up in Manchester at 4:50am, practiced my daily meditation, written my 10 Life goals and the three things I aim to achieve today; 1. Write this week's article 2. Get myself to the airport and back to Cromarty. 3. Book next week's trip to London.

This is what I do everyday without fail, wherever I am in the world, whatever I am doing.

Today I will write in bed for a bit, get up stretch and do a quick 7 minute Celebrity Training Secrets Workout, before going to Manchester Piccadilly Train Station and getting myself to Manchester International Airport to catch the 8:50 flight to Inverness landing just after 10am (The flight was delayed so actually I did not land until 11:45am). The journey from the airport to Cromarty will take much longer than the flight so I will get home at lunch time, after lunch I will take my dogs Zeus and Zorro out for a 2 hour walk, along the beach up the "Sutors", through the woods and back home. After a tea time snack I will do some yoga and a quick heavy chest work out in the garage, before taking a bath, preparing supper and have a stretch watching the TV before collapsing in bed.

I have added incentive to get myself in peak physical condition this week as on Wednesday I fly to Ibiza to shoot some pictures with my friend from University days, the brilliant photographer and director Christian Banfield in celebration of turning the big 5-0, fifty in a couple of weeks on Easter Sunday - Fit@Fifty.

As stated previously I will begin writing this article in bed and then will write the rest whilst I am travelling on the train, at the airport and on the plane. I find travelling a great place to write and very time efficient, especially on the plane, as you cannot be disturbed by phone calls and emails and apart from eating and sleeping it is the best use of one's time.

"Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success."
- Shawn Achor
How long does it take to form successful habits that last?

From a dictionary, habit is defined as an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until close to involuntary. Or a regular tendency or practice, especially one hard to give up. Put another way repetition of a physical action eventually becomes an automatic reflex. Habits can be repeated actions, which ultimately help achieve goals.

Regular behaviour routines can occur subconsciously. Think about brushing your teeth. Do you ever stand at the sink and say, "I'll skip brushing my teeth today and tomorrow just brush my teeth longer." ?

No, you don't. A long time ago brushing your teeth became a habit.

Consistent repetition creates habits. The downside is breaking a habit is very difficult, even with strong motivation. Some habits form in the blink of an eye, some much longer. Perseverance is sometimes demanded to form a beneficial habit.

It takes an average 66 days to form a new habit, according to new research by Philippe Lally and colleagues from the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre, based at UCL Epidemiology and Public Health.

Although the average was 66 days, there was marked variation in how long habits took to form; anywhere from 18 days up to 254 days in the habits examined in this study.

As we grow older it takes longer to break old bad habits and replace them with new positive ones.

Drinking a daily glass of water becomes automatic very quickly. 50 press-ups before breakfast require a lot of dedication, and obviously time. Forming a habit like that can take months.

Beyond Lifestyle is not about quick fixes. The point is to define a route to a way of life that ensures a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle. Each morning I am there to help. I'll continue to give you daily inspiring motivational quotes and a downloadable Daily Action Plan and we can work together on reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.

Daily Action Plan

Wake up: After eight hours of sleep wake up and write down your waking time in your Daily Action Plan or Celebrity Training Secrets Journal

Water: Drink a glass of water

Breathing: 10 to 15 minutes of breathing exercises

Life Goals: Write down 10 Life Goals in your Daily Action Plan or Celebrity Training Secrets Journal

Aim to Achieve: Read three main things you Aim to Achieve today in your to-do List. Set a time to begin the first

Stretch and Workout: Do some wake-up stretches plus at least one set of the Celebrity Training Secrets Workout. Make sure you drink some water

Breakfast: Containing fruit and/or juice, whole-grain breads or cereal and try and have some kind of protein. Like salmon, scrambled eggs, tofu, beans, quinoa or Greek yoghurt

Walk: If possible walk to work

Mid-morning Energy Boost Snack: Containing protein and carbohydrates and a glass of water. Good sources are nuts with dried fruit, raw vegetable sticks or bananas with peanut butter

Lunch: Containing protein and carbohydrates. Try for beans, soy, chicken or fish with salad, vegetables or whole grain bread plus a glass of water. Try to avoid anything fried and heavy carbohydrates like pasta and rice. That could make you sleepy after lunch. Try to get out of the office and go for a quick walk for some fresh air and clear your mind. Maybe even slip in another set of the Celebrity Training Secrets Workout

Mid-afternoon Energy Boost Snack: More protein and carbohydrates and the obligatory glass of water

Walk: If possible walk home

Stretch and Workout: Do some warm-up stretches and at least one set of the Celebrity Training Secrets Workout. Make sure you drink water

Dinner: Go for protein and carbohydrates. Include beans, lentils, quinoa, chicken or fish, with vegetables and whole grain rice, couscous and pasta. Drink a glass of water and maybe a glass of wine. But remember, just one

Plan: Your next day needs planned. Write three main things you Aim to Achieve and a To Do list. Plan what you want to eat and record everything you have eaten and drank, and in your MyFitnessPal app or a similar app the exercise undertaken

Relaxation: Stretch, bathe and read: Do some stretches. Read a book and have a relaxing candle-lit bath to soothe and rejuvenate weary limbs and mind before bed

Sleep: Get in bed and for eight hours' time set you alarm. Record the time in your Daily Action Plan or Celebrity Training Secrets Journal. Switch off the light. If not dark enough use an eye-mask. Hit the pillow and off to sleep

Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

Bruce Lee famously used this quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe:

"Knowing is not enough - we must apply. Willing not enough - we must do."
- Bruce Lee
To find out more on How To Form The Daily Habits That Guarantee Success In Both Your Life And Business Click Here

Celebrity Training Secrets
7 Day Action Plan

1. Wake up after 8 hours sleep, write down your waking time in your action plan and do 10 minutes breathing exercises

2. Fill out your 10 Life Goals in Your Daily Action Plan everyday

3. Write the 3 things you Aim to Achieve in your Daily Action Plan

4. Write down how much sleep and everything you eat and drink, plus the exercise you do everyday in your Daily Action Plan

5. Let me know how you get on or on our Facebook page.

Breathe, Believe and Achieve

Keep on Winning, Smiling and Living The Dream

Keep on Winning, Smiling and Living The Dream


Steve Agyei,
Editor - Beyond Lifestyle Secrets
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